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common deck problems

Improper flashing between deck and house

The following pictures were taken in the Summer of 2003 from a home near 108th and Maple. Due to improper flashing around the deck sill plate against the house, rot destroyed the structure of the deck itself. Water, snow and ice became trapped between the wood and deck plate (the board usually bolted to the house). The damp conditions produced significant rot and attracted carpenter ants which eventually moved into the interior of the home.

As you can see in the next picture, the oversight by the deck installers led to significant structural damage to the floor structure of the house! The white areas on the rim plate on the house is covered in "dry rot." Dry rot is an airborne rot that does not need water to spread. Merely covering the dry rot to keep it dry will not stop its spread.

The entire situation could have been avoided by installing aluminum flashing and rubber water barriers between the house and deck. Another way Reinke Remodeling and Repair, Inc. is looking out for you and the long-term stability of your deck!


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