Princeton Cemetery

My wife, son and daughter followed me on foot north from Princeton University into a residential area that now surrounds Princeton cemetery (map). For a few hours on a sunny Spring morning we took photographs and recollected of the men and women whose flesh has now returned to the dust from which it came - men and women who have forever changed the evangelical landscape in our country.

Most prominently those buried here include Jonathan and Sarah Edwards, Benjamin Breckenridge Warfield, and the legacies of men like Charles Hodge and Archibald Alexander. A U.S. president is buried here along with a vice president that was related to Edwards, but for us it was about seeing the final resting place of faithful Christians who exalted in the beauty of Jesus Christ.

Although these men and women are now gone, they continue to speak through books and histories. To learn more about the lives of the Christians buried at Princetonís cemetery and to see the history of Princeton seminary (its rise and decline) please read David Calhounís two-volume history of Princeton Seminary. He has wonderfully presented all these men and women in living color.

Here I present to you a humble collection of photographs I collected on March 23, 2006. Click on the map below to take your own tour.


























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