I never go to Princeton without visiting [the graves of the Alexanders father and sons], and I never think of them without having my poor staggering faith in God and in regenerated humanity strengthened. Let us uncover our heads and thank God for them!


- Archibald Alexander Hodge

son of Charles Hodge (Calhoun, 1:376).




Rev. Archibald Alexander, D.D.








Rev. Joseph Addison Alexander, D.D.



famous book in print today


"I regard Dr. Joseph Addison Alexander as incomparably the greatest man I ever knew - as incomparably the greatest man our church has ever produced. His thorough orthodoxy, his fervent piety, humility, faithfulness in the discharge of his duties, and reverence for the Word of God, consecrated all his other gifts. He glorified the Word of God in the sight of his pupils beyond what any man I ever saw had the power of doing."


- Charles Hodge



Rev. James Waddel Alexander, D.D.


famous book in print today








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